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What is green roofing and why is it important?

Stapleford Roofing · Roofing · June 26, 2019

Green roofing is a popular, environmentally friendly choice for both domestic and commercial premises. This type of roofing has multiple personal benefits such as lowered costs, and a more comfortable living or working space, as well as advantages for your city as a whole.  

What is green roofing?

Green roofing is when the roof of a building is alive, it is covered with vegetation instead of the usual weathering materials, and sits above the waterproof layer of the rooftop. This vegetation can be added to buildings for environmental reasons, as a recreational space, and as a unique attraction to increase property value. 

There are two types of green roofing, ‘extensive’ and ‘intensive’. Extensive green roofing is mostly made up of plants like moss, grass and herbs, it is eco friendly and also aesthetically pleasing. This type is low maintenance, and the plants are hardy enough to withstand harsh weather and survive rooftop conditions on their own. Intensive green roofing is much more complex as it is usually an entire garden on the roof, this can include trees, bushes, decks, paving and boundless other possibilities. Unlike extensive, intensive needs ongoing, regular care such as watering and pruning. 

Why is green roofing important?

The importance of green roofs is mostly to do with looking after the environment, this is because it reduces heat in cities, purifies the air, lessens storm-water runoff, and creates habitats for displaced birds and insects. One of the environmental problems which affect cities is the ‘Urban Heat Island Effect’. This is where cities absorb heat so much that they create their own micro-climates, temperatures skyrocket, and there is even less rain. Green roofing in cities counteracts this effect, as plants absorb and reflect sunlight, unlike normal urban rooftops. 


There is less storm-water runoff with a green roof as it absorbs rainwater, and this stabilises the groundwater level, reduces pressure on sewage systems and lowers the risk of flooding. It is also common knowledge that the more vegetation you have, the clearer the air is, and this is why a green roof makes the city cleaner and healthier by filtering the air and converting CO2 into oxygen. Lastly, a green rooftop promotes biodiversity by providing a habitat for wildlife which otherwise would have struggled in a city of concrete and bitumen. 

green roofing

What are the benefits of green roofing for you?


  • Promotes well-being and healing: living or working surrounded by greenery has a positive effect on people. Plants can even encourage faster recovery for hospital patients
  • Lowers energy costs: green roofing absorbs heat, and insulates the building, which reduces heating and cooling costs
  • Lengthens life-span of roof: The roof is more protected from the elements by green roofing. This means that, although it needs less maintenance, it will last longer
  • Reduces noise: Green roofing can be a sound barrier for your building, lessening noise pollution, which is especially useful in cities
  • Adds value to your building: The building has an eco-friendly, sustainable appearance and lowered energy costs, thus increasing property value


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