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The Benefits of Solar Panels on Your Roof

Stapleford Roofing · Roofing · October 31, 2018

Turning to green energy is a perfect way to look after the environment, protect your roof and bring down the cost of your bills. This clever technology absorbs the sun’s radiation and this collected solar energy is then converted into electricity. The best thing is, the sun offers a continuous supply – which means solar panels will always provide us with a freely available power source. This month, Stapleford Roofing are here to explain the benefits of solar panels, so you can reap the rewards that this renewable energy source has to offer you and your home.

The benefits of installing solar panels on your roof:

Protects your roof

Solar panels are installed using racking systems to avoid making holes in your roof to attach them. They are carefully fixed to a ballast tray which means they can easily withstand heavy storms and hurricane winds. Installing solar panels on your roof in fact, offers another layer of protection, keeping leakages and tile damage at bay.

Saves the environment

This type of energy source does not pollute water or give off harmful greenhouse gases. Solar energy does not generate noise or unintentional heat energy – which is ideal for domestic homes and not to mention, the environment. Solar panels require minimal water for its upkeep, much different to large nuclear power plants that use water throughout the entire process which can cause many issues from an economic standpoint.

Reduces your bills  

By generating your own electricity, you will require much less from your chosen utility supplier. Not only will this save you money, as you’re becoming less reliant on their services but depending on how much you generate/use you can make money by selling any unused energy back to the grid. They can then distribute this energy to other customers who are using their electricity and thus, relieve the high demand.

Less energy lost through transportation

The more energy produced in urban areas, the less energy is lost. During distribution, 3 to 5% of energy can be lost if the journey from A to B is significant. Whereas, the more homes that have solar panels, the shorter the journey for energy transportation. By reducing the distance it needs to travel i.e back to your local grid and through to your neighbour, the more efficient the whole system becomes.

Creates jobs

The installation of solar panels requires trained professionals to ensure a secure fit that will not damage your roof or fall from your roof. This new form of ‘green energy’ creates jobs for countless people which keeps many employed, boosts our economy and encourages our community to make use of renewable energy sources.


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